Thanksgiving Eve With B. Nektar

October 30, 2017

America’s biggest bar night just got better!


We’re keeping our taproom lights on and our doors open until 2 A.M. November 22nd.

LIVE jazz/fusion/house jams with Malik Alston featuring Badriyyah Wazeerud-Din

Multi-genre jam band Gus Greenleaf

Brian Lukacs and Bee Hill spin solid gold hits on the 1’s and 2’s

Food provided by Crispy Roll

AND since we really, REALLY like you, we’re clearing some space in our vaults. Very limited quantities of the following bottles will be for sale:
$14.99 – Apple Pi with Crust 2017 
$22.99 – Dry Martini
$45.00 – Dread Pirate Paul ONLY 3 LEFT!! 
$18.99 – Pineapple Coconut Express 
$17.99 – Rex in the City 
$17.99 – OMG! They Killed Zombie 
$22.99 – Cherry Amburana 

Swing by and enjoy some mead, cider, and beer with the B. Nektar crew. Grab a crowler or 10 to bring to Aunt Jeanette’s yearly feast (you know you’re gonna need it).  Savor the flavor of the beginning of the holiday season in fabulous Ferndale- a good time for all is guaranteed!

Snacks, groovy tunes, and good vibes.

Check the Facebook Event page for updates.

Gobble gobble!

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  • Here are a couple tequila barrels for you gaze upon. Wonder what’s going in them? #theneedformead
  • “Sweeter, smoother, stranger...mead, honey wine. The drink of heroes. The drink of the Gods.” BELIEVE will be available Fall 2018.
#americangods #believe
  • Always nice to hang with fellow mead makers! Big ups to Tony & Keith from @manicmeadery, for rollin' through and hanging with us nerds.  #theneedformead
  • I think we could all use a beer tonight. Pop into the taproom and grab a Blonde Ale. Crisp, easy-drinking, mildly hopped. 5% ABV.
Doors open at 5 pm. 
Take care, friends.
  • Welcome to the steel forest.
#steel #mead #cider #MI 
  • Wonder what’s in this Carboy?
Looks like bananas...and some sort of nuts?! #mysterymead
  • Tuco-Style Freakout! Agave mead with lime. 6% ABV. Enjoy it this summer with a splash of tequila. Pairs well with roof pizza. 😜
  • Add another one to the fleet! New #ZombieKiller truck from @cavbeer 
#cider #honey #mead
  • Ferndale’s getting its first international beer, mead & cider fest! August 4th and 5th. We invited our brewer friends and they’re showing up to help us celebrate our 10th birthday... don’t miss it! Hosted by the Ferndale Area Chamber Of Commerce. 
Hit up for info! Link in bio 😎✨🤘🏼💯🔥 #theneedformead #meadday #birthdayparty #craftbeer #craft cider #craftmead #beerfest #ferndale #fabulousferndale
  • It’s finally skate weather! After yer done slayin’ the half pipe, slay some Zombie Killer. #theneedformead
  • It smells REALLY GOOD in here right now.
  • Happy Spring Fest day! See you at 2 pm! #theneedformead