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The Current Line-Up

Devil's Juice

Honey Pineapple Wine with Serrano, Jalapeño, Habanero, and Ghost Peppers and Smoked Pineapples.
100% Gluten-free

Episode 13

Orange blossom and buckwheat honey aged in Bourbon Barrels.

Prickly Pear Kill All The Golfers

Honey Wine with Black tea, lemons, & Prickly Pear tea

Black Fang

A mead with blackberries, clove, and orange zest.
100% Gluten-free

Sunrise Bay

100% gluten-free
Fresh pineapple, citrus notes, and soft honey character

Blackberry Mint

100% Gluten-free
Fresh mint, berry notes, and soft honey character

Episode 13 - 4 Year Reserve

Honey Wine Aged in Bourbon Barrels for 48 months

The Cyser of the Lambs - 4 year reserve

Apple honey wine aged in Chianti barrels for 48 months

A Street Called Wanda

Blueberry, Star Thistle, Wildflower and Orange Blossom honey
100% Gluten-free

Fleur De Bees

Pineapple mead with cherries & lime aged in Rusted Crow Distillery (Detroit) Rum barrels

The Dude's Rug

Hard cider with Chai spices added.
100% Gluten-free

Kill all the Golfers

A mead with black tea and lemon juice added.
100% Gluten-free

Blood Amulet

Hard cider with raspberries & cranberries
100% Gluten-free

Core Crusher

Bone Dry Cider
100% Gluten-free

Zombie Killer

A hard cider with honey and tart cherry juice.
100% Gluten-free

Saffron Bochet

Caramelized Orange Blossom honey & Saffron
100% Gluten-free

New Wave Lemonade

Mead with Blueberry and Lemon
100% Gluten-free

Tuco-Style Freakout

Orange blossom honey, agave nectar, lime juice and lime zest.
100% Gluten-free

Wildberry Pyment

Grape honey wine with natural wild berry flavor added.
100% Gluten-free

Death Unicorn

Hard cider with black currant.
100% Gluten-free


A mead with mango and black pepper.
100% Gluten-free

Punk Lemonade

Fresh pressed Michigan cider, lemon & raspberry
100% Gluten-free

There's more where these came from.

The Taproom


Wednesday - Thursday: 4pm-10pm
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1511 Jarvis
Ferndale, MI 48220

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