Raspberry Mead

100% Gluten-free
Sanchez is the name of our 1984 VW Camper. And as a tribute to our beloved friend, we are naming this new mead after him. Just like Sanchez, this mead is something special.
It's like having a mouthful of fresh raspberries. That's because we used nothing but pureed raspberries to dilute the honey. No water at all!
This one of the most decadent meads we've ever created.

Type: Mead

Alcohol: 15%

Package: 500 ml corked bottles

Food Pairings:

Beef or Pork tenderloin, Roasted venison, London broil, Chipotle chicken, spinach salad, asparagus & apple salad, drizzle over vanilla bean ice cream, cheesecake.