Hoptopia Reviews our Ethiopian Harrar Mead

December 19, 2014

Back in April of 2010, B. Nektar did a collaboration project with local rockstar coffee roaster Frank, at Ferndale’s Chazzano Coffee Roasters. This small, and Xtra Limited batch (only a bout 140 bottles were produced) was released at B. Nektar’s friday night tastings, and eventually a few trickled out to a handful of stores. Well, it has caught the attention of an internationally read beer review blog called Hoptopia.

Unfortunately, this coffee mead sold out over a month before the review was published. The $20 375ml bottle was snached up by both mead lovers, and coffee lovers. The rate at which these flew out the door has convinced us to produce another batch. This one is much larger (about 90 gallons). The cost savings of doing a larger batch will be passed on to the customer, and the next release is expected to hit store shelves at about $13 for a 375ml bottle.

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