Introducing Milton’s Madness-I Said No Salt!

March 25, 2016

Apple Pie

Did you see the memo about the margarita-style wine cocktail?

You see we’re putting this bottle out in the market, so if you could just go ahead and buy one, that would be great.  Mmkay? Even Michael Bolton would be a fan of this Agave Mead with lime juice, lime zest and orange zest!  Set to release at the 2016 Spring Mead Fest on May 7th- yeeeah, we are going to need you to go ahead and come in for that.

Back up in your glass with the resurrection of our Margarita-Style Melomel. A Margarita-inspired product was begging for an Office Space-inspired label. Milton’s Madness has “no salt”, just the way he ordered it.

This originally a recipe idea from Brad’s home brewing days. And a few batches were made in the early days as ‘Margarita Style Melomel’.  We have been wanting to resurrect it for a while and what better way to introduce it again than with a favorite movie of B. Nektar!