Assistant Mead and Cider Maker

B. Nektar is currently seeking a hard working, self-motivated person, with a positive attitude and a love for mead, cider, and all other craft beverages to join our team. If you enjoy fast paced, technical working environments with a focus on quality and efficiency, you might be a perfect fit.
An Assistant Mead maker does exactly that, they assist in the process of making our meads and ciders here at B. Nektar.  What does that mean? Well, here is an overview describing some of what that involves.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing equipment. (i.e. Fermentation tanks, Packaging tanks)
  • Preparing the raw materials for the batch. Pulling needed ingredients from inventory. Measuring out the quantity needed and the LOT numbers used. This could also mean cutting stems off of strawberries for 6 hours, or pouring bucket after bucket after bucket… of XXX juice into a tank/drum/bucket. And similar types of things.
  • Cleaning, and putting away/organizing parts and equipment. (i.e. parts like valves, hoses, specialty equipment fittings)
  • Pulling samples of in-progress/aging batches from tanks/barrels for sensory evaluation and or lab analysis.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing equipment. (i.e. filter, centrifuge, pump) Starting to see a trend here?
  • Assisting on the packaging line where needed.
  • Filling, stacking, labeling, kegs.
  • and more
Candidates are expected to be efficiency and safety-minded. You MUST be willing and able to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and learn and adapt to changes in those SOPs as they are adjusted. An Assistant Mead/Cider Maker must:
  • have an above average mechanical inclination. There are a lot of machines and parts that you’ll need to know how to use.
  • be able to maintain sanitary working conditions and keep the work space clean and organized
  • be able to focus on directions given and to learn quickly.
  • be capable of operating equipment such as pallet jacks and drum dollies to move very heavy objects. (i.e. 1360kg/3,000 lb totes of honey,
  • be capable of working with metric units of measurement. (we are an ALL metric facility)
  • Must be able to lift heavy objects repeatedly.
  • be punctual, courteous, organized and thorough.

In addition to competitive pay, B. Nektar offers an excellent benefits package:

  • paid holidays
  • vacation time
  • sick days
  • bereavement leave
  • maternity/paternity leave
  • medical / dental insurance
  • credit towards beverages in the taproom.