May The Fourth Be With You/Cinco De Cuatro!

May 5, 2015

Ah yes, the Force was strong with this one.


Mondays suck; this much we know. The pangs of utter desperation and horror that manifest around 10 pm on Sunday night are all part of the adult human condition; a condition which includes returning to work at the beginning of the week. Hey, we get it. We’re not immune to a stifling case-of-the-Mondays either- but dang it, we were determined to have some fun on every week’s most dreaded day.

And this week’s most dreaded day just happened to be May 4th- so why not celebrate with QUIZZO, Hero or Villain food truck, and some pretty epic space operas? The Quizzo champs won some tickets for our Spring Mead Fest, and Hero or Villain had two sweet special sandwiches for the evening: The Hoagie Wan Kenobi and The Boba Feta.

Unfortunately, not every Monday can be the Fourth, but we’ll always treat you right with Quizzo and righteous beer, mead, and cider! Come on up and see us sometime, huh? Check out some pics from Monday night below.

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