Meet Your Maker: Stephen Krupitzer

August 29, 2016

We love mead. Heck, that’s why we spend literally every waking moment making, tasting, and enjoying it. But have you ever thought about the brave humans who wade waist-deep in the honey to create this exquisite beverage, the oldest known alcoholic beverage in the world?

We figured it was high time to give our makers the spotlight, and to gain some insight into what their jobs entail- the hardships, the not-so-hardships (the easyships?), the agony and the ecstasy of artfully creating liquid gold.


What do you call yourself, and what do others call you? “I call myself Stephen and I don’t know what others call me, hopefully not ‘expendable’ or ‘A-hole’.”

How long have you worked for B. Nektar? “Many moons and one harvest.”

What’s your favorite B. Nektar beverage and why? “Buckwheat Cyser- Because it’s friggin’ delicious, that’s why!”

Can you describe a typical workday as a Meadmaker? “I start my day with a steaming hot cup of glorious Go Juice before walking into a stainless steel wonderland. There’s no such thing as a typical day because every day is a new adventure with different tasks that need to be done. Some things that happen every day, though, are cleaning of some sort and a healthy dose of being awesome.”

How about an atypical day? “Pumps start pimping you. Filters catch you up. Tanks topple. Dogs and cats start living together type apocalypse.”

What’s been your biggest triumph as a Meadmaker? “My biggest triumph so far was making a batch of Zombie Killer that was so good numerous people said it should be submitted to competition.”

What’s been your biggest screw-up? “I set the plate and frame filter slightly less than perfectly, and lost a liter more than normal from a leak. I haven’t had any appreciable f-ups as a Meadmaker (Yet!).”

What’s been the most important lesson you’ve learned in Meadmaking? “Valhalla awaits for those who would make the drink of the Gods.”

Additional fun facts about you: “I can throw a football over them there mountains. I once cracked a rib in a mosh pit, then moshed at a show the next night. I like turtles, both the animal and the sundae. I will sing when and wherever I want, much to my friends’ dismay.”


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