2017 Spring Mead Fest recap

May 31, 2017

What do you do when life hands you Michigan weather? You move the party inside!

With March-like temperatures and a call for showers, we knew an outdoor Fest would be a real bummer for our fans and friends. So we set to work clearing out our 16,000 sq. ft. warehouse.

Us worker bees drew up a plan for seating, performance space, crowd flow, and bars- and we got down to business. Stacked pallets of finished, packaged product were turned into walls, and barrels were strategically placed to keep the flow of the crowds in check. You can accomplish a lot in a short amount of time with a forklift, three pallet-jacks, and a handful of very determined people!


Episode 13 was the star of the show this year, and we dug deep into the reserves for our specialty bar- pouring a Thai Tea mead among others.

Music was provided by Kommander and AwesomeR (1/2 of The Beggars + 1/2 of The Muggs), and man, did they shred! (Seriously, click those links and go listen to these rad dudes- you won’t be disappointed, I promise.)

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This is one of our favorite events to put on, and we do it all for our fans, friends, and family. We love seeing new faces and old friends, and we’ll keep on keepin’ on as long as everyone enjoys what we do.

From the entire B. Nektar staff- THANK YOU!

Come see us August 5th for our Summer Fest!

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