A Street Called Wanda #2 release

November 5, 2019

AND Blackberry Black Currant Honey Wine bottles!

Saturday, November 16th at 2 p.m.!

Join us on Saturday, November 16th for a double taproom-only bottle release at 2 p.m!

We’ll be unveiling A Street Called Wanda #2, our blueberry mead. Batch #2 is slightly drier, with more tannin from the blueberry seeds, and a more wine-like mouthfeel. This bottle is one to hold onto. ABV clocks in at a heady 15.2%. Bottles are $30.00 each.

Next up in the showcase showdown is our newest B. Side: Blackberry Black Currant Honey Wine. Semi-sweet and made with Gallberry & Starthistle honey, this bad boy comes in at 14.4% ABV. Bottles are $19.99 each.

If two bottle releases weren’t enough, we’ll also be hosting a pop-up shop by The 37th Shield Library. Lots of national & local hip-hop vinyl/cd’s and other goodies. Come on through and do some diggin’!

Bottle sales begin right at 2 p.m. when we open the doors.

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