B. My Honey Bunny

January 10, 2017

We wanna B. with U this Valentine’s Day.


Celebrate Valentine’s day in a silky, smooth manner in the

B. Nektar taproom with the lights turned way down low.


Boo, do U like crafting? We’ll have a “Make-Your-own-Valentine’s-Day-Card” craft table.


We’ll also be releasing bottles of Rhube Strawberg, our strawberry rhubarb mead.


Sensual Soups and Sandwiches from The Nosh Pit Detroit Food Truck.

Death Unicorn will be back on the shelves, and a carefully curated selection of 90’s R&B jams will make you go “Ooh yeah”.

5-10pm, Tuesday, February 14th 2017.

Check out our Facebook event page for updates and additional info.

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