B. Wabulous Remix + Bonus Track

October 3, 2017

Are y’all ready to UP THE FUNK?



B. Nektar and Woodward Avenue Brewers are stoked to present two new variants of their ultra-flavorful, easy-drinking collaboration B. WABulous.

What started out as a low-alcohol, summer crusher of a beer has become subject to mad science (since we can’t leave well enough alone).

Variant number 1 is what we call the Remix: Brad took the clean wort from the original B. WABulous and fermented it with Brettanomyces. B. WABulous Remix is what we like to call a Wild Table Beer. Pretty cool, huh?

But wait- there’s more!

Variant 2 is the B. WABulous Bonus Track: This is the original B. WABulous Table Beer aged in a Brettanomyces inoculated barrel. We’ll call this one a Table Beer Aged with Brettanomyces. Freaky, man!

These beers are definitely funky and flavorful.

The B. WABulous Remix and B. WABulous Bonus Track will available on tap at the B. Nektar Taproom toward the end of October, and we’ll also be pouring samples at the Detroit Fall Beer Festival, October 27th & 28th. Click here for more info on the festival.

May the funk B. with U.

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