Blood Amulet, Batch #1003

February 15, 2023

Blood Amulet, Batch #1003

It has come to our attention that our recent canned release of Blood Amulet (Batch #1003) is coming off the shelves a bit too excitedly and some cans could possibly burst. We did receive a report of this happening with 2 cans on a store shelf. While we’re really enthusiastic about bringing our customers and fans some of the greatest-tasting meads and ciders, this batch may have gotten a little too much gusto. Out of an abundance of caution, we wanted to alert the most important people in our world, our customers! We are also reaching out to our wholesalers to find the best course of action.

How to identify the cans?
The bottom rim of the can will be stamped with a batch number, (Batch #1003) See Picture.
How can I tell if I have one of these cans?
-Bulging on the top or the bottom
-Extra firm sides (no give when you slightly squeeze the can)
What should you do if you have purchased these cans?
-If you still have these cans, we recommend they be refrigerated and remain refrigerated until consumed or discarded.
-If your can is starting to show signs of bulging, you will still want to refrigerate it (preferably overnight) before opening and discarding it.
-There is no problem if you have already consumed this product as there is no concern with the safety of the liquid.
If you had to dispose of your can(s), we really want to make it up to you. Send us an e-mail at and we’ll work with you to make it right. We wouldn’t want anything to ever come between us!

The B. Nektar Team

PS. Things you should not do if you still have these cans?
-Shake them up and drop them
-Throw a can as a touchdown pass with a tight spiral
-Take them on a car trip down a rocky road
-Backpack with them down the Pacific Northwest Trail
-Use them for target practice.

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