Bottle Releases for Memorial Day!

May 27, 2016


Bottle releases are in the TAPROOM, Friday May 27th! New flavors for YOU!

B. Nektar has you covered for your Memorial Day plans.  Come to the taproom Friday, May 27th and pick up 3 new flavors for your face!  Doors at 5pm.

Gin Barrel NecroMangoCon – 8% ABV $13.99  – SUPER LIMITED – Only a few bottles left
Our popular mango mead with cracked black pepper (NecroMangoCon, duh) in Ferndale’s own, Valentine Distilling, Liberator Gin barrels. Yes, the same people that make Valentine Vodka, which was named the best in the WORLD. Brad and Rifino Valentine have known each other for ages, and we basically have stalked him for his barrels. Doesn’t hurt that the companies are neighbors in Ferndale, so we literally drove our forklift to pick out the barrels, and the beginning of a long drunken friendship started. The black pepper was added only after aging so that we could balance it perfectly with the botanical character picked up from the barrels. The aroma on this is epic with huge spicy notes of citrus, mango, pepper, cloves and ginger. The mead drinks really smooth and has a true cocktail feel to it.  CARBONATED 500ml bottles

Mango Habanero – 12 % $14.99
Orange Blossom Honey, Mango Juice and Dried Habaneros. Sweet but balanced by tempered heat. Super aromatic courtesy of a special south african yeast strain that’s new to us and really pops the spice and fruit notes in the mango. Lots of juicy mango and a fruity heat from the peppers. Lightly carbonated.. It’s more subtle pepper than Devil’s Juice, and more pronounced than NecroMangoCon. It’s like Necro’s bigger badder more swull, but they got a really nice job, cousin. Huge tropical notes. CARBONATED 500ml bottles

Whisky Barrel Zombie Killer – 7%  $11.99
Zombie Killer aged in Valentine Distilling Whiskey Barrels. The barrels bring notes of vanilla, spice and deeper fruit character along with oak and some tannin. Now you may think “Well, isn’t this just like The Zombies Take Manhattan?”, no it is not. ZTM is in Rye Whisky barrels, so they’re spicier, Whisky Barrel Zombie Killer is a bit smoother and sweeter. The two are actually quite different the ZTM is co-fermented with honey and so is an actual Cyser where as the WBZK is a cider with cherry and honey added. CARBONATED 500ml bottles

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