Shadow Thicket

Honey wine with raspberry & black currant

100% Gluten-free
Bold, tart black currant compliments by ripe raspberry character and subtle honey bitterness. Full-bodied with bright acidity and mouth-watering sweet, tart finish.

Type: Mead

Alcohol: 14.3

Package: 375ml bottles and 1/6 kegs

Food Pairings:

CHEESES/BREAD: Ruchese cheese like goat cheese, Serra da Estrella (sheep’s milk), a Cremoulin Boite,  or Gorgonzola

SEAFOOD/MEAT: A  rich smoked salmon dish, any red meat dishes, or dark meat poultry dishes.  Thai or spicy entrees will pair amazingly with this mead.

PASTA/SALADS: Pairs well with creamy pasta dishes and Ceaser salads

DESSERTS: Chocolate anything! Cheesecakes.