Chasing the God Batch

November 10, 2017

The makers here at B. Nektar strive for quality and consistency in every batch that leaves our roll-up door.

With each keg or bottle of Zombie Killer, we work to achieve the same familiar, balanced flavor that our fans have come to expect.


While we work towards repeatable results, it’s good to recognize that we are making an agricultural product. Our raw cider and honies change with the seasons, and are incredibly impacted by the environment. We are constantly making adjustments to our process to account for variances in acidity, sugar, and flavor, pushing so that our best is being presented in every sip of our products.


There are moments when all of the elements of ingredients and processes combine, culminating in exemplary batches, the type to sip in wonder and reflect on their glory. We call these the God Batches. The makers at B. Nektar pass down tales of the perfect balance of tannins and lemon in Kill All the Golfers #539, and the wood tannin and wildflower of Ancient Soul Lifetime #1. Sometimes these hints of beauty only come together over time, but other times they are there right from the beginning. 

 Such was the case with our most recent batch of Dude’s Rug, #677. When the cider arrived for this make, it was wonderfully acidic and sweet, with tannins present from the apple skin. After fermentation, it kept its complexity, as the acidity and the esters from our yeast developed the flavor, presenting a perfume of tart apples and apple skin. Married with our chai tea mix, this cider became the most notable batch of Dude’s Rug that I can remember tasting in my time here.

It is moments like these that make our job rewarding. For all of the work we put into growing and pushing ourselves to make better, more consistent product, it is great to see moments of serendipity where all details–fermentation, quality of source ingredients, handling and packaging–come together in harmony. We’re just getting started, working hard towards making every batch worthy of your worship.

-Andrew De Haan, Maker

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