Miel De Garde #4

October 31, 2017

Available 11/10/17!

Miel De Garde #4 will only be available in our taproom and to members of The Royal Jelly Bottle Club*- it’s a very limited batch. 

If you didn’t get a chance to taste Miel De Garde #4 at our 2017 Summer fest, well, now’s the time!

B. Nektar’s Miel de Garde series represents the most elite and exceptional products produced by B. Nektar. Using the finest ingredients available and aging to perfection are essential in its creation.
Fourth in the series is a captivating honey wine using the finest orange blossom honey we could find. After fermentation, it continued its evolution in Award-winning Valentine Liberator Old Tom gin barrels for 3 months before being transferred to stainless tanks to complete the aging process. Notes of candied juniper, cinnamon, and herbal roots gently grace the palate and emanate in the aroma. Sweet and citrusy with a deep honey character up front followed by crisp spices contrasting the sweetness. Warming on the palate, with a medium body and a dry, lingering floral finish.

A little bit on Valentine Distilling’s Liberator Old Tom:

“Only a handful of distilleries in the world produce a barrel-aged gin like our Liberator Old Tom Gin. We take our Liberator Gin and age it in American Oak barrels for 2 years. Old Tom Gin has an aroma of juniper and pine with hints of oak, woody spices and citrus peel. The initial bursts of juniper berries are mellow and tame, and are followed by touches of vanilla, citrus, cardamom and cinnamon. Liberator Old Tom Gin earned the title of ‘Best Cask Gin in the World from the World Gin Awards. It also received a Gold Medal from the International Craft Spirit Awards. Liberator Old Tom Gin is a rich and unique Gin that is worth the wait.”

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Learn more about fellow Ferndaliens Valentine Distilling here

*Want to know more about The RJBC? Email rjbc@bnektar.com for info.

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