B. Nektar included in BLT’s 17 Breweries That Will Change the Way You Think About Beer

September 17, 2015



While we only offer beer in our taproom, for now….(don’t worry..we are working to have some tasty beers out to you long distance fans shortly)  we love being included with some pretty rad breweries that we ourselves have enjoyed.  And our friends over at BLT (the blog for lifestyle and travel) think we are pretty great.  Take a gander  here and come and get a taste of the “noteworthy and distinctive” products in our taproom or one of our fine retailers.  Not only do we carry our tasty beers on draft in the taproom, you can also get out cider and meads on draft.  We are always rotating out new flavors and offer up bottles for purchase, along with the wicked t-shirts we have.


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