Grapes Gone Wild -Super Limited Release

February 29, 2016


Now this is a SUPER limited release – Grapes Gone Wild in the Taproom Only – Tuesday, March 1st

We get to meet some really great people in this world.  Some that share secret spots for picking wild grapes.  And that is exactly what came about with this super limited batch.  So limited that less than 170 bottles were filled.

We had heard about a place in the countryside that offered up some wild grapes ready to be plucked and turned into an amazing mead.  While our crew was out on the side of the road, clipping at the vines, a farmer rolled up in an old beat up truck, asking “Hey, you all gunna be making some wine?  I used to make it, ’til I gave up drinkin’.  I got some more grapes on my property.  You all want them?”   We did and we got them.  So when you get a chance hug a farmer.

Made with Michigan wildflower honey and Michigan-grown concord grapes and wild grapes.  We give you Grapes Gone Wild.  Available only in the taproom starting March 1st.

375 ml bottles. $19.99  (Limited 6 per person)

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