January 14, 2020

Limited Spots Available!

A limited amount of membership spots are available for this year’s Royal Jelly Bottle Club.

Take a gander below on the incentives of the club and click the form link to get your name on the list. Unfortunately, due to limited spots, not everyone who fills the link out will be accepted into the club. But it WILL get you onto a waiting list for the next opening!

Membership cost is $175 for one full year (Feb 2020 – Feb 2021)

Any questions can be sent to

*MEMBER ONLY BOTTLE RELEASES– Guaranteed quarterly batches made just for an RJBC release ONLY- never released to the public, just for YOU. 

*PRE-PUBLIC TASTINGS IN TAPROOM-Members get the first taste of a new product before the public. 

*PRE-ORDER DISCOUNTED PRICING– RJBC members will always receive 10% off of any bottle price on order forms. 

*RJBC SCHWAG/GIVEAWAYS– Members only merch and giveaways!  

*DISCOUNTED BOTTLE PRICING – Do you love our other meads and ciders but can not find them near you? We are including a 10% discount on any of our core and limited bottles available in the Taproom. 

*CROWLERS/HOWLERS DISCOUNTS – All RJBC members will have a 10% discount on crowler and howler fills in the taproom. 

*PROXY – We will allow for at least one proxy.  Unfortunately, we do not ship so the orders will be available in the Taproom for pick-up by yourself or someone of your choosing. 

*MERCHANDISE DISCOUNTS-. As a member, you receive a 10% discount on all merch (hoodies, t-shirts, totes, etc.)

*RJBC MEMBER PARTIES – We will hold member-only parties in May and August.  

*RJBC FORUM – We have a private Facebook group that we chat on and it will also keep you up to date on emails and order forms that get sent out to the club members.  Don’t use FB – no probs, all communication is sent via email first! 

And here is the link. CLICK HERE – THIS IS THE LINK

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