The House That Beer Built Fundraiser

January 16, 2020

Join the craft beer community as we unite to build
a home and stability for one local homeowner.
Drink for a cause and build a house without lifting a hammer!

Did you know that the Taproom is gratuity free? That’s right, no tips. How? Well, we have created a gratuity free system where the bartenders do not accept tips and instead we offer an hourly living wage with paid time off options, and health care benefits. Cool, right?!

What if you wanted to tip? Great, question! Many people still want to tip in the Taproom, so we have been collecting all tips and giving them to charities. Yes, charities. We have worked with many different local organizations and we excited to get involved with this one.

The House That Beer Built partnership is a program from Habitat for Humanity and we have partnered with them alongside other breweries to raise funds to build a home!

For the month of February, we are asking you to help us reach our goal of $1000 so we may donate the funds raised to The House That Beer Built!

How can you help? Well, we are glad you asked. We will have “houses” available in the Taproom for $5.00! We will write your name on them and hang them proudly in the Taproom. AND any tips that you leave will go towards our goal of $1000 for the program! Just ask the bartenders for more information!

We will also be hosting a fundraiser on February 8th to raise funds! Join us for some great food provided by Bird Dogz and raise some money for a deserving family to have a home. Drink for a cause and build a house without lifting a hammer! For more information check out Habitat for Humanity.

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