The Royal Jelly Bottle Club Details

March 30, 2016

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

The B. Nektar – Royal Jelly Bottle Club is here!

Lines suck, right? We all hate them. Festivals, bottle releases, bathrooms.

We had one mission: Show you how special you, our fans, are to us by getting you all the bottles you want from us, and prevent you from waiting in line. We want to treat you like royalty.

So, a bottle membership club…huh?

The Royal Jelly Bottle Club has launched and we want to make sure you get some of the details of what we are going to offer.  So take a gander below and get informed.

We will be releasing 25 memberships at a time, because we do not want to break the internet. So make sure to check back on the website and our social media to see when we release the next batch of openings.

We will send out an update once the membership spots have been filled, so get on it.   Once we have our list of members, we will have some additional information emailed out to you, so we can get all your information.  Membership perks will begin with the Spring Mead Fest, so we will get info to you soon on all of that.

Cost is $200.00 and below are a few of the reasons to get your place in this very first bottle club from B. Nektar.

VIP session for our Mead Fests

Members will get a access to a VIP session at our Mead Fests prior to the public and get a taste of the limited releases before anyone else. Tickers got to tick, right?

If we’re feeling frisky, we might even have a special Members Only keg hidden somewhere that no one else knows about. Go ahead. Just find Nick. He loves to talk.

Mead Fest Bottle Valet

Pre-order your bottles for Mead Fest!  The goal here is to make sure you or your Proxy do not have to stand in line (we hate lines, remember?) at the Mead Fest. You or your Proxy will be able to pick up the pre-purchased bottles at the end of the Fest.

Purchase limited releases one week before they are released to the public

A week before a new release is made available to the general public, we will release it to the Royal Jelly Club. You can purchase the bottles anytime during taproom hours, or purchase them online and pick them up later. After the week is up, if there’s any left over, they will be put out in our bottle shop and will be first-come first-served.

Don’t live here? No problem!  We will allow for at least one Proxy since we can’t ship directly to you. The Proxy (aka: The Mule) will be allowed to pick up your order in our taproom for you!   Our goal is to have an online store for Members only.  This will allow you to pay for the bottles right away so you don’t have to worry about your Proxy covering the cost for you.  No one likes owing their Proxy money, right? And Proxies don’t want to act like a bank.

Schwag and Other Benefits

Special Members Only t-shirt (this shirt is going to be pretty effin’ rad, seriously). The rumor is that this years shirt might feature Brad and Paul riding a magical unicorn that farts glitter

…and anything else we can make with play-dough, string and macaroni.

Pre-sales for any B. Nektar ticketed events, like dinners, Drink Brad’s Private Stash events, and classes at our taproom. (You heard we’re opening up a kitchen, right?)

Priority status, and email reminders for membership renewals.

We get it, people need reminders.  We got you covered.  We will let you know before your membership expires, so you can haz renew for another 12 months. If you renew on or before your membership expiration date, you don’t have to get in line and wait for an opening. See? No lines!

Limited Availability for 12 month memberships

We can’t just let everybody into this special club. We will be limiting the number of members to 50ish.  Just so we can get it started and may add more membership spots along the way…so stay alert. We will make sure to make some posts to let you know when we are adding more spots.

When the club is full, it’s full. The computer won’t let more sign up. Then, after a year, when people don’t renew (it happens), their membership spot will open up. We’ll keep you posted from time-to-time when memberships are available. We might even have a waiting list, but that’s just a line in disguise, right? So don’t screw around. Sign up.

Calendar year memberships are kind of 1992. Whenever you join, you will have a full 12 months of benefits.  Because we wouldn’t want you missin’ out on anything!  Yeah, you’re welcome.

More questions? Send them on over to and someone will get you an answer.  And No Refunds…not that you would do that, anyway.



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