New Taproom Is Humming Along!

January 21, 2015

If you’ve ever visited our current taproom, it’s plain to see that it’s a working area outside of the tasting hours, and that it’s rather small and roughly assembled. As much an aesthetic choice as necessity, our taproom has served us and our friends and patrons well until recently- Now it’s time to E X P A N D!

construction6 construction2

Some photos of construction in our new 1,760 sq. ft. taproom on Jarvis street in Ferndale, MI. (Click to enlarge)

Our new taproom will be less than a 1/4 mile down the road from our current location on Wordsworth (we’ll still be making mead and cider there), and will reside on Jarvis (the location of our old shop and the area where we hold Mead Fest). Our new taproom will feature a hand-built, ten-seat bar, and tons of reclaimed and up-cycled barrel and pallet wood. There will also be a kitchen and a mechanical bull (J/K about the bull, but the kitchen is for real)!

Construction is humming right along, and we hope to have it open for all by July 2015!


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