The Mead-Hattan!

January 5, 2017

District Sales Manager & Brand Manager of Cavalier Distributing (Florida), Carolyn Graham, recently concocted this creative libation featuring two of B. Nektar’s favorite beverages- Zombie Killer and Necromangocon. Carolyn mentions that her inspiration came from her love of bourbon, and that Zombie Killer’s cherry flavor is a natural fit for this cocktail. For the Necromangocon version, she states “The black pepper compliments the spicy notes of the rye whiskey while the mango adds a hint of tartness.”

She spent 18 years on the retail side of the industry managing a local, family owned liquor store learning and loving various types of beverages. More recently, she’s been on the distribution side for 8 years and loves creating foods and cocktails that highlight the range of products from Cavalier’s partners.

Without further ado, we present to you “The Mead-Hattan”.


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