Welcome to the B. Nektar Funk Laboratory!

January 5, 2017

B. Nektar just got a whole lot funkier.

“I’m very pleased to announce the beginning of a project I’ve been trying to kick-off since our batch# 100 back in 2011(?) My goal is to develop a variety of beverages that blend what I love about the influence of wild yeasts in certain wines, beers and ciders. While I have never actually tasted anything like what we’re searching for, I’ve had this vision in my head for many years, and we’re finally to a point where we can embark on this project.

For the first batch we decided to pay tribute to the product that keeps the lights on, Zombie Killer. So we are kicking off the funk program with a variation on ZK that is being aged in a barrel previously used for Episode 13, with a blended cocktail of three different strains of brettanomyces. We anticipate being able to tap the first keg for Foeder for Thought at Green Bench Brewing in St. Pete, FL this coming March. This project is really only a kick-off.The real work begins in the follow-up to this one. We will be experimenting with different varieties of Brettanomyces and their contributions to meads made with blends of honey, fruit and malt. We will begin simply, and record our observations. We will be producing very small batches, so distribution is not a possibility. Our initial experiments will be done in 8 gallon oak barrels, so we only expect a single 5 gallon keg from each one. If they’re good, we’ll put them on in the taproom. If they’re great, we have a long-term goal of ramping up production. If that happens, we plan to build out a “funk facility” in our original 1200 sq/ft space at 1505 Jarvis.Thank you to all my beer/mead/wine/cider friends who have taught me, so openly, what you know about brettanomyces and those other “wild” beasties. I hope to make you all proud. Now, please allow me to introduce to you the B. Nektar Funk Laboratory.” – Brad


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