Oh My God, They Killed Zombie!

Apple Mead with Cherry and Spices added

Rex And the City

Honey - Cranberry Wine with Natural Flavors - Cosmopolitan Inspired Wine Cocktail

Tuco-Style Freakout

Orange blossom honey, agave nectar, lime juice and lime zest.


A mead with mango and black pepper.

Dwarf Invasion

Mead With Balaton Cherry and Hops.

Cherry Chipotle

Honey wine with cherry juice and Chipotle peppers.

Apple Pi

Apple mead with spices added.

Devil's Juice

Honey Pineapple Wine with Chili Peppers and Smoked Pineapples.

Kill all the Golfers

A mead with black tea and lemon juice added.

Black Fang

A mead with blackberries, clove, and orange zest.

Ancient Soul

A traditional mead made with Wildflower honey aged in oak barrels.

Pineapple Coconut Express

Honey Pineapple Wine with Coconut added

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  • Friday, December 16 to Saturday the 17th... The First Annual Dingle Dangle Ball! Special release of Oh My God, They Killed Zombie! Tons of wintry fun for everyone. Check it out on our Facebook page for more info. #theneedformead
  • Apple Pi is back in our taproom just in time for Thanksgiving dinner! Stop by and grab some bottles starting today at 5 pm. 
375 ml, 14% ABV, $13.99 each. 
We made a lot of it this year, so look for it everywhere B. Nektar is sold! #theneedformead #mead #pi #michigan #craftmead #craftmeadery #apple
  • Sampling these extra limited batches is hard work. #theneedformead
  • Friday friend time with our pals at the WAB...nice werk pals.
  • Hop down to the taproom and grab yourself a drink.  You deserve it. #theneedformead
  • Bottling some #ZombieKiller today in our production facility. #theneedformead #theneedforcider #michiganmade #cider #mead #bnektar
  • Happy Halloween from the B. Nektar crew! If you're lookin' to get spooOoOOOky tonight, we're open til 10, and we have a sizeable stash of Devil's Juice and (Don't Fear) The Carolina Reaper still available! Doors at 5.
  • Detroit Fall Beer cat to be kitten me.
  • Meow can we help you? Get down to the taproom, right meow! #theneedformead
  • Our Zombie Killer decks are the cat's pajamas, and you can win one at our Hallowmead raffle on October 29th! Check out our event on Facebook for details!
#theneedformead #beer #cider #sk8
  • Listening to Sabbath and getting some tasting notes for Devil's Juice. Are we doing it right? #metal4life #theneedformead
  • Hot. Hot. Hot. Choppin those Carolina reapers for Don't Fear The Carolina Reaper batch (Devil's Juice w/ more cowbell). Btls will be availz Oct 29th. Party details on