A mead with mango and black pepper.

Kill all the Golfers

A mead with black tea and lemon juice added.

Zombies Take Manhattan

Apple honey wine with cherry added and aged in rye whiskey barrels

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom Honey Mead

Grapes Gone Wild

Michigan wildflower and Michigan-grown Concord grapes and wild grapes

Tuco-Style Freakout

Orange blossom honey, agave nectar, lime juice and lime zest.

Cherry Amburana

A mead with orange blossom honey, Michigan balaton cherry and flavored with Amburana wood chips from Brazil and Mulato peppers.

Spiced Date Melomel

Orange blossom honey, date syrup, Muscovado sugar blended with cinnamon, Aleppo pepper and vanilla beans.

Dragons Are Real

Cherry chipotle mead aged in New Holland Brewing - Dragon's Milk barrels with cacao nibs.

Dwarf Invasion

Mead With Balaton Cherry and Hops.

Devil's Juice

Honey Pineapple Wine with Chili Peppers and Smoked Pineapples.

Episode 13

Orange blossom and buckwheat honey aged in Bourbon Barrels.

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  • Ooh yeah! We got some sweet new crowns. Buzz buzz buzz!
  • @publichouse_ferndale is still rocking our flavors.  Come drink'em up. #ferndale #wheresbnektar
  • IT'S FRIDAY BABY! We still have bottles of Zombies Take Manhattan and Milton's Madness (margarita style mead) in our taproom. Come get some! Woot! #mead
  • Come pub quiz tonight in the taproom. @geekswhodrink starts at 730p. We still have some Mead Fest flavors avails for your face.
  • Royal Jelly Bottle Club bottle share  is in the heeeeeezy! #theneedformead Tag your friends! #mead #cider #beer
  • First keg of Zombies Take Manhattan! Come get some May 7th at our annual Spring Fest!
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  • Always a nice time with those @oneeyedbettys fools. Especially when we got the E&M servin drinks at @yeoldsaloon.
  • Royal Kelly Bottle Club has released the first 25 spots for membership...get to the website and get your spot! #linessuck #RJBC
  • Tuesday, March 29th in our taproom: Bottles of Tuco Style Freakout and Stupid Man Suit will be on sale! Come grab some before they hit shelves on April 1st. 5pm. Check out our website for more deets. #theneedformead
  • Happy #staffternoon! Best crew in the world, right here. B. Nektar represent! #theneedformead
  • Come hang with us at @oneeyedbettys tonight for Pi day. Pairing our Apple Pi mead on Nitro with @thedailydinette donuts. 6pm it goes down!
  • Bottling a favorite today- Zombie Killer! #theneedformead #cider #craftcider #michigancider